My first year as a Web Developer

I am just going to complete my 1st year working professionally as a web developer.

In this journey, I found that after getting a job you almost transform yourself as a professional. This happens to me. So have a look at what I learn from this period of time.

If there’s a thing I’ve learned in my life it’s to not be afraid of the responsibility that comes with caring for other people. What we do for love: those things endure. Even if the people you do them for don’t.

Cassandra Clare

Work is not the only thing you have to know

When you are in college, things are different and we have a different perception for the same tings. Before the job I was thinking if I am a good coder than I get a perfect job. But believe me that’s not true. Technical skills are good to have but some soft skills are also contributing to your career.

Because every time you can’t do everything yourself, for that you need a team or some assistance work. So communication, teamwork, public speaking are some of the key soft skills that are playing a great role in a growing career.

It’s ok to say No

I am always afraid of saying no. Because I have the fear that if I would say no people will judge me behalf of that. And we can’t say no because of peer pressure of guilt and self-respect but it is also simple of the lake of confidence.

But it is a bad way of dealing with situations. We can skip unnecessary headache and pain just by saying no. Or it does not matter what others think about yourself at all. Saying No is also very bad if you are using it run back from work. So use No but right place

You don’t need to be an expert

Every time I am getting a project, I have kind of feeling that I am not an expert but what if I can’t do it properly. I think it happens with most of us. As a fresher, I always have an image of an expert in my field but those are also a human being like us. They also have this same feeling with their first project.

So being an expert you have to start from somewhere and this is the right time baby. Always welcome new challenges and go ahead. Because nobody wants an expert, they always want someone who can take responsibility and get work done. Always keep it in mind that you don’t need to be an expert at all.

Learn from your own mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but if you are making mistakes too often than it’s time to care. If you make any mistake admit it it’s your fault and fix it as you can. And make sure you don’t repeat thee mistakes in future. Never try to pass your shit to someone else’s head, it is not a good thing.

If you did something wrong, it’s ok. If you can change it then do it first, id if you can’t then please don’t overthink about that. Transfer your focus on what you did wrong and change your approach for that. You won’t stop making mistakes, but errors and failures won’t bother you that much; you’ll just keep learning as you go.

Know the value of time

“Time is money” – I am pretty sure you must hear about this quote before. But here Iin so-called professionalization it is 101% true. Think if you crossed a deadline then it may be a case where your client doesn’t need your product. Here It doesn’t matter how much effort you put but for now all of it useless.

If you gat a deadline so push yourself to accomplish the task. Changes are also bad part of production pipeline so during your productivity always take some time for changes. Making to-do notes always save your time. Always keep time and productivity in mind.

Stay hungry for more work

I saw people to ching and taking part in long gossip. But it is reducing your productivity of ever. So if are done what you are doing then ask for more work or help your colleague. From that you would learn something new and somewhere you can also ask for help from someone.

I took a few steps back and decided to explore doing things I enjoy that weren’t coding-related. I starting learning poetry writing and Urdu.

All in all, I’ve learned a lot, and hopefully, you’ve taken away some lessons from my experiences. I’m excited for what this next year holds for me!

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