Looking back at 2020

2020 has been a crazy epic year I believe for almost everyone. A review of this year is not going to be very exciting as 2019. This year all bad things happened in a loop. But thank god it is ending and I am very excited for 2021.

But if we will take it positively this year taught us very important lessons of life. Here are my take away from this year.

  1. Life is Short: Life is shorter than you think it is. We keep things postponed over and over and waiting for something magical moment may happen. But believe me, if you are not going to start it today it would not end up ever.
  2. Jobs are Temporary: More than 10 crore people lost their jobs because of this covid-19 pandemic. Luckily I save my job but of course, there is a huge pay cut there. In the end, a job is a job, just keep it in mind.
  3. Health is Wealth: This year comes with anxiety and hopelessness. Many times I also feel the same way, but thanks to my friends and mentors. It does not affect me. This year our main goal is to keep life safe.
  4. Always save Money: People who daily work and get food, they totally get scrwed. Your saving is a lifesaver in such a case. In 2021 Mony saving is on my top priorety.
  5. We need less to Survive: Life is all about must having things. So only focus on those that are important for you and dump others. Being minimalistic will help in this case.

Dev Projects + OSS Contributions

This year I made less contribution than last year but some of them are really good. I also contributed HTTP Archive as transtator.

  1. Contributed to almanac.httparchive.org project and Enable Hindi with the translation of core templates. See my PRs.
  2. Contributed to GoogleChromeLabs/perf-track.
  3. Did more contributions to Awesome WPO. See my PRs.

Apart from this, I worked on some personal react base applications, I created the GitHub Profile App and Mini Book Store.

Dev Events and Meetups

After March 2020 when lockdown announced in India, Offline meetups and events get fired. No worries than we get online meetups and live sections. As always I attended some great events this year. Chrome Dev Submit, Webdev Live, Webdev Live India are some of theme.

And finally this year I started my YouTube journey with A little Web. I started a series on YouTube called Career in Crisis Live. Career in Crisis Live is a series of YouTube panel discussion events curated by a Non-profit organisation alittleweb.org.

Through these discussions, we will try to bring together bright minds to talk about their career journeys. We will also discuss a wide range of subjects like recognizing your passion, purpose, inspirations that will provoke conversations that matter.

Intro of Career in Crisis Live

This series is not that much successful, but Yes I did this 🙂

Life Thing

This is soft part of the year. I did most of my work as work from home. So finally I spent most time with my family and I loved it. After you left your home and moved somewhere else, the coming back feeling is amazing.

But that was not that much easy, my mom get a surgery and dad’s business get left off. This is not over some more bad things happened this year with us, but finally it is gone.

I am big fan of bollywood, or kehte hai na….

Agar end mein sab kuch theek na ho to woh the end nahi hain dosto… Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

Om Shanti Om

Or haa, I watched over 125 movies and series this year. Quit stupid na, yes but I did this.

Goals for 2020

After a year long surfing and lots of learning a have very clear cut goals for this year. Top tree are following and I shared a YouTube video of the process I am following to archive those.

  1. Become financial stable this year.
  2. Learn backend also to become fullstack developer.
  3. Learn a book per month.
How to Master Yearly Goals and Tasks Tracker with Trello

That’s all from my side, let warp up and get the right motivations from 2021. I hope to become a better person, invest more into personal development and gain more exposure and experience in life like never before.

You all are a part of my journey and my success, and I’m incredibly grateful to have such an awesome community behind me.

Happy New Year!

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